In a speech in Edinburgh, Scotland, Benjamin Disraeli stated, “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” And nowhere is that perhaps more evident than in communication and design. We serve those that are making a change. Either with new products, new or reimagined spaces, or a new business.

You may be searching for something different.

Making a change. Inventing something new. Standing out. Redefining.

We specialize in change. We embrace it and clients trust us when they are ready to make a change.


Kim Cox
Kim’s career began as a designer in New York serving national accounts. After moving to California, she quickly advanced into management and handled clients in multiple countries. A successful fine artist, designer, and proven problem solver, Kim is vital to the growth and development of SVML. A high-profile client referred to her as “the secret weapon.” The name has stuck.
Robin Cox

With roots in the Los Angeles advertising, film, music and art world, Robin sees things through a wide lens. He applies a unique perspective and creative strategy to every project. Having held key creative roles for global corporations and top ad agencies, he is an expert in a wide variety of media. A creative leader, Robin is known for his ability to promote synergies with a diverse range of clients and teams.

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