Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Environmental Graphic Design
Leadership from the Buffalo Niagara Partnership had visited the Sodexo Buffalo Service Center, loved the environmental graphics we created, and wanted to incorporate a similar concept into their offices. We had grand ideas of using the ample glass and white walls to tell the story of the Buffalo Niagara region, but The Partnership believed the most pertinent detail would be to highlight the updated company mission and their long-standing values. The background image of the four values panels is the Peace Bridge, which connects our region with Canada and illustrates the partnership we have with our neighboring country in commerce and culture. The mission statement stands out in raised aluminum letters with Partnership blue edges.
Buffalo Niagara Partnership wall with four panels stating their company values
Company mission statement on white wall with raised blue lettering
Hallway to conference room with company values and mission statements on opposite walls

Curved walls and The Partnership’s values and mission statements guide associates to the main conference room.