Fresh Ideas from Unexpected Places

Samantha Bergman

“Robin and Kim were so instrumental in bringing my vision to life, allowing me to tell my story better than I could have imagined.”

Getting wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks of managing projects, answering emails, running a business, and producing good work sometimes leaves creatives longing for the days when we could just, well, create.

There was no need to pine for those days, as we were amid a fine art photography project that brought together a wicked team of smart, insightful, and talented people. It was a great reminder of what can be accomplished through open creative collaboration where everyone feels free to share ideas (the good and the bad), debate concepts and do what it takes to bring to life a particular vision. Not that we don’t collaborate here daily but the synergy working with this group of creatives was revitalizing.

An executive colleague of ours had hit a milestone in her life and was compelled to tell her story visually. Collectively, we decided to create a photographic dialog exploring past experiences and stale beliefs that culminated into her status as a successful executive who happened to be a middle-aged woman.

When our client asked if we’d be willing to bring her artistic vision to life, we immediately started brainstorming. Initially our ideas were OK, but they evolved into a much clearer picture when we collaborated with the client and other creative team members we hadn’t worked with before. Not wanting to reveal her real name, the project was entitled Samantha Bergman Awakener Collective, both of which names had a significant meaning in her life.

The initial project evolved from a single fine art photography gig into a multiple location project that took us to other parts of the country to bring Samantha’s story full circle.

Namely, Samantha East photos were shot in New York and yielded a series of images that told the story of Samantha letting go of old beliefs that haunted her. Samantha West was photographed in Southern California and the selected photos from that local told the story of Samantha’s newfound freedom. Both projects in their entirety were showcased in a limited-edition coffee table book. Out of context, yet still compelling, below are a few highlights.

Two woman on white couching laughing

Gemini – Samantha West

Samantha posing with a red scarf waving in the breeze in front of Roy's motel and cafe on Route 66 in Amboy, California.

Always Welcome at Roy’s – Samantha West

Artistic photo of woman dressed as witch looking at crystal ball

Watching You, Goodbye – Samantha East

Two women sitting on a black modern couch looking at each other

Gemini – Samantha East