Historical Wing Adds Value


“Mission accomplished when we see employees and visitors stop to interact with and appreciate what we created.”

Imagine employees walking into your building excited to be there because the workplace environment inspires them. Imagine leaving a lasting impression on clients and business associates because the hallways and conference rooms made them feel like they were working with a very special company. Well executed environmental graphics add value to a business. Especially when they have meaning. For example, a client of ours, the Sodexo Buffalo Service Center, was planning to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their new office. To commemorate the new Buffalo office, they wanted to create a custom wall sculpture that would somehow reflect the region and its rich history. Through some research on the area we learned their new building was in the vicinity of the factory where the Curtiss-Wright P40 Warhawk airplanes were built by Rosie the Riveters during WWII.
Focusing on that bit of history, we built a custom wing replica with historical photos and content incorporated into the piece. It is well made, serves a purpose, and serves to better the company’s impact on their visitors. So the point is, the unveiling to the employees was a huge success because it will now leave lasting impressions on those who work at, and visit the office. People lined up to read the historical information, view the images up close, and take photos of the piece. The client told us “Wall art is a hit…looks wonderful. We had about 50-60 people for the reveal. The Buffalo history is very popular for people taking photos. Awesome job and thanks for a great design.” Keeping your company in the forefront of clients, employees and associates’ minds makes a difference. Positive impressions are invaluable.
Unfinished stainless steel wing shape

Stainless steel wing ready for rivets, above. Finished piece, below.

Decorative stainless steel wing with historical photos of Buffalo mounted over the wing.