Branding 120,000 Square Feet | 2017
Environmental experiential design

Sodexo was consolidating three office buildings into a brand new state-of-the-art single building. Employee engagement and creating an office environment and wayfinding signage to enhance the employees’ experience was tantamount. Working with a dedicated Sodexo team, we designed the new building’s wayfinding signage, environmental, experiential, and custom graphics. This page features environmental graphics that reinforce the Sodexo brand, the region and employee groups.

Buffalo skyline in frosted glass on top of clear glass

View of the main entrance from floor 1 lobby featuring the Buffalo skyline and Niagara River spanning the full length of the glass wall.

Conference center with full photo of blue sky and clouds

Cloud wall in the conference center with photographs showcasing regional highlights of the four seasons.

Conference center with large photo wall of blue sky and fluffy clouds

View to main reception area from the conference center. Niagara Falls is prominently flowing down the glass wall.

Conference room with stainless steel plaque with Sodexo logo signage

Branded wayfinding signage on custom built stainless steel wall plaque in the conference center.

Small office with Team Spirit in frosted glass over clear glass door
Interior of phone room with large photo of Gold dome bank

Private phone/meeting rooms within the conference center showcasing Sodexo Values on glass doors, branded wayfinding signage and large acrylic photos of notable Buffalo landmarks.

Wall with global countries cut out in white with Sodexo corporate statistics

Wall map within the conference center showcasing statistics of the impact Sodexo has across the globe.

Entrance to cafe with Welcome wall of the word Welcome in multiple languages

A welcome wall in multiple languages greats foreign visitors to the Landing Zone cafe adjacent to the conference center.

Conference table in cafeteria with four paintings of flowers

Meeting area within the cafe featuring watercolor paintings by Kim Cox specifically created for this location. Additional paintings were created and installed throughout the building.

Two open elevators one with full scale photo of Yosemite and the other with a full scale photo of the sunset over the ocean

Employees and visitors have the option of riding in the Yosemite Half Dome or ocean sunset elevator. Images wrap around three sides.

Large wall photo in stairwell of Tour de France cyclists

Stairwell wall graphic displaying Sodexo Values. Sodexo has been delighting the taste buds of thousands every year for over three decades at the world’s most prestigious cycle race, the Tour de France.

Wall sized photo in stairwell of Sodexo services and oil derrick

Highlighting Sodexo Services on a stairwell wall graphic. Sodexo provides catering and facilities services around the globe, including offshore drilling operations.

Elevator lobby with wayfinding signage

Floor 3 elevator lobby wayfinding signage and executive conference room entrance.

Large full scale photo of steaming cup of coffee with Pantry headline

Full wall imagery of snack items greeting employees to the pantry and dining area.